WHO rates Delhi to be most populated in the world

WHO rates Delhi to be most populated in the worldA recent report filed by the WHO says that the air in Delhi is the most polluted in the whole world which makes it surpass even Beijing with much more harmful elements present in the air affecting human health.

In case you are a Delhi resident then think again about the place you and your family are breathing in as it happens to be the most polluted. There were misconceptions that CNG busses, green rickshaws and cars will help the case but it turns out that Delhi still tops the charts.

This damning report comes from a source whose reliability can't be challenged. The 20 million people living in Delhi can't ignore the fact that they are living in the most polluted city of the world and are exposed to health hazards.

World Health Organisation's (WHO) report comes at a time when we are still feeling proud of the introduction of the large-scale fleet of CNG buses that our state government is running here.

The report was released yesterday after an extensive database collected from 90 countries with 1,600 cities and the results are based on the levels of the Ambient Air Pollution (AAP) database.