Logitech introduces its first iPhone case which comes with four modules

Logitech introduces its first iPhone case which comes with four modulesOn Thursday, Logitech introduced its first iPhone case called 'Case+.' The new, fairly standard, Case+ iPhone protective case - which is compatible with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S handsets - is now available for preorder on the Logitech website.

The cost of the case is a whopping $200, but its key feature is that it comes with four different modules which can connect to the case's magnetic backplate. The upfront $200 price-tag of the Case+ iPhone case includes all the four modules, though Logitech plans to sell more compatible modules for the case separately in the future.

The four modules available in the introductory pack of Logitech's iPhone case include the +energy module, the +tilt module, the +drive module, and the +wallet module, which respectively pertain to an external battery, a Smart Cover-like stand, a dashboard mount, and a wallet.

About these four modules of Case+ iPhone case, Logitech said that the +energy module is designed to double the iPhone's battery life; the +tilt is a kickstand and cord keeper; the +drive is a mount for a car window or dashboard; and the +wallet module allows users to carry their cash and cards when they are on the go.

Logitech said: "Collectively, the new solutions give you sleek protection and a host of new features."