Google bringing new features to its Glass device this week

Google bringing new features to its Glass device this weekClose on the heels of its Android KitKat update for its Glass firmware, Google has now announced that it is bringing more new features to its wearable computing device this week.

One of the most noteworthy features that are coming to the Google Glass device is iPhone SMS notifications. As a result of the mentioned feature, iPhone users who use Glass device will be able to see when they are receiving a text message.

However, the SMS notifications feature will be read-only on iPhone. According to Google, it will not be possible for iPhone users using Glass to answer text messages "due to some limitations with iOS." In other words, iPhone SMS notifications is only a half-measure, because of Apple's "walled garden."

Nonetheless, with Google revealing that iPhone SMS notifications has been a highly requested feature by Glass users, the company's hook up with iPhone for SMS notifications means that Glass will no longer remain an Android-only device.

Meanwhile, another significant feature which Google is bringing to Glass is a native calendar app, which will be available via Google's Glassware store. A tap into the calendar timeline will enable Glass users to change the title, time and location of events; and users will also be able to RSVP, delete and dismiss appointments.