Google Chrome security flaw could allow hackers to snoop on conversations

Google Chrome security flaw could allow hackers to snoop on conversationsIn an earlier-this-week blog post, an Israel-based software developer - Guy Aharonovsky - uncovered new security vulnerability in Google Chrome web browser. The developer claimed that the security flaw can give a hacker the ability to snoop on someone's conversations, even if the access to the microphone is blocked in the victim's Chrome settings.

Highlighting the Google Chrome security flaw in his blog post, Aharonovsky said that the flaw enables a hacker to exploit the old speech application programming interface (API) in Google Chrome. The hacker can turn on the computer microphone of a Chrome user, and stealthily get hold of a Chrome-generated transcript of the user's conversations.

Aharonovsky told International Business Times that he uncovered the security vulnerability in Google Chrome while he was experimenting with a voice recognition feature in the world's most popular web browser.

Aharonovsky also said that he reported the security vulnerability to Google through its Chromium bug tracker, but the developers at the company gave the flaw a 'low-severity' ranking, which implied that they did not deem it to be a top priority and offered no immediate fix.

Revealing that Google eventually investigated the security flaw after he submitted a blog post about it to socially-driven news site Reddit, Aharonovsky said: "Google, [like] all developers, [has] a tendency to dismiss the not-so-obvious security bugs."