Chromecast home screen is likely getting a more personalized makeover

Chromecast home screen is likely getting a more personalized makeoverAccording to code unearthed by a user on Reddit, Google is apparently planning to give a more personalized makeover to the Chromecast home screen.

The unearthed code contains hints that the Chromecast home screen may boast the addition of a weather forecast option, along with some other more personalized options than those offered at present.

Going by the indications from the code, the new weather forecast functionality will essentially give the Chromecast users the ability to view weather and one-day forecasts on their device's home screen. In addition, it might also be possible for the users to set the home screen to display personal photos. However, the unearthed code does not hint at that aspect very clearly.

The addition of the weather forecast feature to the Chromecast home screen is hardly surprising because some developers have already worked in the direction of implementing the functionality.

Nonetheless, there has thus far been no official confirmation from Google about the supposed makeover the company is planning for the Chromecast home screen. In connection with the unearthed code hinting at new features, one Google spokesperson merely told GigaOm: "We're always experimenting with new features, but have nothing new to announce."