Blackmagic Design launches new ‘Ursa’ line of 4K cameras

Blackmagic Design launches new ‘Ursa’ line of 4K camerasAt the NAB 2014 conference on Monday, Blackmagic Design announced the addition of a new line of high-end 4K camera to its growing range of cameras already available on the market. The new 4K-enabled camera line is called 'Ursa', and it is chiefly aimed at high-end features, TV and documentary work.

The new Ursa line of 4K cameras announced by Blackmagic includes 4 models: the Ursa PL; the Ursa EF; the Ursa broadcast B4; and HDMI model. The cameras have been designed for large film crews as well as single person use.

The first of the Ursa models to hit the market will be the $6,000-priced EF, which is expected to ship in early summer.

The Ursa PL and EF models respectively support PL mount lenses and EF mount lenses. The cameras have a Super 35 global shutter with a 4K image sensor, internal dual RAW and Apple ProRes recorders. Capable of offering 12 stops of dynamic range, the cameras also features a 10-inch fold out monitor.

The Ursa broadcast B4 model - which will likely become available by late 2014 - boasts an upgradable broadcast video Ultra HD sensor and B4 lens mount.

The Ursa HDMI model will have no sensor and its lens mount will be replaced by a "cheese plate" of mounting points and a HDMI input, so that the camera body features can be used by any third party camera.