Google ‘cleans up’ Android apps by updating Google Play Developer Program Policy

Google ‘cleans up’ Android apps by updating Google Play Developer Program PolicyIn a last-week update of its Google Play Developer Program Policy, Google has announced certain minor yet significant changes to the policy. The changes made by Google to the Developer Program Policy essentially underscore an attempt to 'clean up' the apps which are available and are operating on its Android mobile operating system.

The policy changes include new specific provisions which tell the Android app developers what kind of content is permitted for display on their apps. Google has come up with new clarifications over 'sexually explicit' content, which will henceforth include even 'erotic' content. 

In an evident effort to curb the increase of sexually explicit apps and content across Android, Google has specified in the changes made to the Developer program Policy that content of apps can no longer be 'erotic' just to promote pornography.

Moreover, in the updated 'App Promotion' section of the policy, Google has prohibited the app developers from creating apps which engage in or take advantage of identified inappropriate behavior. This measure has been undertaken to curtail promotion of deceptive ads, redirection to another portal without the users' permission, and unsolicited promotion via SMS services.

Another noteworthy change made to the Developer Program Policy includes a warning to the Android app developers about an ad context. Google now forbids replication or impersonation of another app's User Interface, prohibiting the apps from inappropriately associating their selves with other apps without the required permissions.