Google mandates 'Powered by Android' logo on boot-up screens of Android devices

Google mandates 'Powered by Android' logo on boot-up screens of Android devicesAccording to a Geek. com report, smartphone manufacturers who run their devices on Google's open source Android software will have to add the 'Powered by Android' logo on the boot-up screens if they want to get certified for Google's Mobile Services.

The report reveals that Google has apparently made it mandatory for the manufacturers of Android-based smartphones to feature the words 'Powered by Android' on their splash screens if they want to continue using the key apps of Google's mobile operating system.

With Google's Mobile Services suite comprising essential services such as the Google Play Store, Gmail, Chrome, Google Drive, Google Maps, You Tube, and even the new Android Launcher, a certification for these services will be given by Google to Android handset makers only if the boot-up screen of their devices shows up the 'Powered by Android' logo.

It is being reported that Google's mandatory condition for the logo is apparently in place already; with the 'Powered by Android' logo having been spotted on the boot-up screen of two new Android handsets - the HTC One (M8) and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

According to a logo-related document sent by Google to manufacturers of Android devices, the 'Powered by Android' boot-screen logo must be given "appropriate clear space," and the logo should preferably take up nearly 40 percent of the width of the screen.