Google Now cards available on Chrome for Windows and Mac

Google Now cards available on Chrome for Windows and MacIn an announcement which will be welcome by Google Now users, Google has recently revealed that it is expanding the availability of Goggle Now cards to Chrome for Windows and Mac. Thus far, the Google Now service was available only for Android and iOS users.

The announcement by Google is noteworthy because ever since the launch of the Google Now, it has only been a 'mobile-only' feature. The simple cards interface of the service enables users to stay abreast of lots of information, like sports scores, weather, traffic, appointments, and reminders, among others.

With Google having announced that Google Now cards will now be available on Chrome for Windows and Mac, all the above-mentioned information will now be displayed in Chrome on desktops and laptops. However, to avail the service, users of Chrome on desktops and laptops will have to be signed in with the same account which they are using on iOS or Android for Google Now.

According to the details shared by Google, notifications will be synced across mobile and desktop. As such, if the users have already cleared all the cards on desktop, they would not have to go through them all over again on mobile.

In addition, a few of the Google Now cards shown on desktop may use location data from the smartphones of the users. In case any changes are made by the users to location settings via mobile, those changes will also be applicable to Now for desktop.