Google Keyboard updated to version 3.0

GoogleGoogle has updated its very own Keyboard software to version 3.0; and is currently rolling out the updated version.

The updated Google Keyboard - which more specifically marks version 3.0.19373, comes with some minor yet noteworthy bug fixes and tweaks, including a dedicated 'ABC' button to switch from emoji.

The update rolled out for Google Keyboard also includes the option for Personalized Suggestions; which means that the app can mine data from other Google Apps and Services which the Keyboard users may be using. The mining of data from other services is essentially aimed at bettering the Keyboard users' swift typing needs, by improving suggestions and corrections.

The data which the updated Google Keyboard will mine from other Google services used by Keyboard users will chiefly comprise the information which is stored locally on the users' handsets. Nonetheless, to make the users of the updated Keyboard aware of the data-mining aspect, Google will post a helpful alert message when the users fire up the updated Keyboard for the first time.

Meanwhile, other than the new 'ABC' button and the Personalized Suggestions option, another notable feature which has been brought to the Google Keyboard as a result of the recent update is the ability to long press the mic button, which the users would use to voice type, for accessing the Settings menu.