Survey: More than 50% Twitter users want news verified by “respected” newspaper brands

TwitterAccording to the findings of a new survey commissioned by newspaper marketing body Newsworks, more than half of the users of popular microblogging service Twitter think that news on Twitter should be verified by reputed newspaper brands.

As per the YouGov-conducted #NewsOnTheTweet survey, which involved the participation of over 1,200 Twitter users, it has been found that 62 percent of Twitter users consider it important that a "respected" newspaper brand verifies the news on the social network.

The results of the survey showed that 59 percent of Twitter users use the microblogging site to follow newspaper brands. In addition, the survey also revealed that these Twitter users follow at least one national newspaper or journalist in the UK.

Going by the survey's findings, 60 percent respondents engaged on Twitter with news providers that they generally don't read in print. While over 35 percent of the people said that they connect with a leading newspaper brand on the micro-blogging site; 17 percent said that they follow a sub-brand, like the Sun's Sunmotorsport account.

Commenting on the findings of Newsworks' "joint research project with Twitter," Newsworks CEO Rufus Olins said that the survey "has helped us get under the skin of what we instinctively knew was a special relationship between newsbrands and Twitter. They are interdependent and mutually beneficial."