Court allows Google to post edited version of ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ on YouTube

Court allows Google to post edited version of ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ on YouTubeIn a Friday ruling pertaining to the controversial YouTube movie 'Innocence of Muslims,' a US appeals court has said that an edited version of the anti-Islamic movie may be restored by Google on YouTube.

According to the appeals court's recent ruling, Google can post a version of 'Innocence of Muslims' on its YouTube video-sharing site, provided that the version has been edited to exclude footage of actress Cindy Lee Garcia.

Garcia had filed a lawsuit against Google, alleging that she was tricked into appearing in 'Innocence of Muslims' after answering a Backstage ad for a film titled 'Desert Warrior,' which she believed to be an adventure movie set in ancient Egypt.

Seeking the removal of the movie from YouTube, as it was blamed for sparking a wave of protests in the Mideast, Garcia had said in the court papers that she received death threats after the movie was posted to YouTube. The actress also said that she had lost her job because of security concerns.

Google had earlier removed the September 2012-posted 14-minute movie from YouTube in accordance with after a court order.

Meanwhile, the latest court order has been issued by the same three-judge panel that had previously asked Google to take down the entire 14-minute clip. While allowing Google to now post an edited version, the judges have still denied the company's motion to be permitted to restore the entire clip pending further appeal.