Chrome users upset at changes Google is bringing to current and newer versions

GoogleRecent posts on the discussion forum of Google's Chrome browser indicate that the users of the browser are apparently not too pleased with the changes which Google is bringing to the current and newer Chrome versions.

The changes which have upset the Chrome users mark Google new policy for the browser. Under the new policy, most extensions which are downloaded from sources other than Google's official app store - the Chrome Web Store- are automatically disabled.

As such, the Chrome update unfolding the changes will leave the users with the option of installing only those apps on Chrome which are available at the Chrome Web Store.

According to Google, the new policy - which has surprisingly been already turned on for the Windows beta version of Chrome - underscores a move aimed at providing greater security to the Chrome users. The company has described the move as a protection against developers who exploit loopholes for installing malware-loaded add-ons without the users' knowledge.

The main complaint which most Chrome users have voiced against Google's new policy is that the changes introduced by the company essentially tie them down by telling them what extensions they can and cannot run. However, despite the complaints, it is highly unlikely that Google will reverse the changes.