Google acquires London fraud detection firm

GoogleIn a last-week announcement, Internet search giant Google revealed that it has acquired Spider. io --- a London-based fraud detection firm. The acquisition underscores Google's attempts to boost the security and fraud prevention units of its advertising business.

Spider. io bills itself as an "anti malware company for online advertisers." The firm specializes in security and analysis tools which can help prevent advertisers from falling prey to click fraud and other scams that make use of automated tools to inflate traffic and elevate advertising rates.

Announcing the acquisition of Spider. io on Friday, Google said that it has agreed to terms on an acquisition deal for the integration of the specialist fraud-detection company into its advertising services. Under the terms of the deal, Spider. io will help Google detect fraud on its advertising network.

With the Spider. io acquisition clearly pointing to Google's efforts to improve the quality of its online advertising ecosystem, Neal Mohan - VP of Google's Display Advertising - said in a recent blog post that the top priority for Google currently is to amalgamate Spider. io's technology with its video and display advertising products.

Mohan said in the blog post: "Over the long term, our goal is to improve the metrics that advertisers and publishers use to determine the value of digital media and give all parties a clearer, cleaner picture of what campaigns and media are truly delivering strong results."