Scientists say Charlemagne's Bones at a Treasury are Authentic

Charlemagne-BonesScientists have claimed that the relics of Charlemagne treasury in Germany are authentic. Scientists marked the occasion of 1,200 years of Charlemagne's death on January 28, 2014, by giving a summary of their research to the king's bones. The research has been conducted since 1988.

Scientists at the Cathedral of Aachen said that Charlemagne's body parts were scattered in various reliquaries, which raised the questions over the veracity of the bones on display at Aachen truly belonged to Charlemagne.

Frank Rühli, who heads the Centre for Evolutionary Medicine at the University of Zurich, said that the vast majority of the king's bones belong to the treasury at the Cathedral of Aachen in western Germany.

After a two-decade study, it was found that bones came from an old male who was slim and quite tall. Well, this description matched with the one of Charlemagne who was estimated to be around six feet tall and 70 years old when died.

Kneecap and heel deposits found on the bones also supported the belief that Charlemagne walked with a limp.

"Thanks to the results from 1988 up until today, we can say with great likelihood that we are dealing with the skeleton of Charlemagne",Ruhli said during the announcement.