Twitter may allow users to purchase goods directly from tweets

TwitterAccording to a recent report on the Re/code site, popular social network Twitter appears to be getting serious about commerce on its service; and is probably close to finalizing an agreement with payment services firm Stripe. The report also said that Twitter is also mulling a partnership with online shopping service Fancy.

The report is based on documents and images which Re/code has uncovered on the Fancy. com website. The documents reportedly show the functioning of Twitter's retail feature; hinting at Twitter's efforts to provide shopping services to its users with the help of a new 'Buy' button in their timeline.

As per the documents found on Fancy. com, the mechanism which Twitter will likely follow for selling goods directly to its users will involve the embedding of miniature product pages directly in Tweets. The Fancy. com images uncovered by Re/code show tweets featuring a sales blurb and product image underlined by a price tag, along with a 'Buy with Fancy' button.

Though the document hints that buyers will be required to enter their credit card and other relevant payment details, it is not clear if users will have to enter the information more than once, or if the details will be stored in some way.

The setup shown in Fancy's images has been dubbed 'Twitter Commerce.' However, there has thus far been no official substantiation of whether Fancy's documents are just a proposal to Twitter or something that is actually in production.