Twitter for Android app gets photo-editing and feed upgrades

Twitter for Android app gets photo-editing and feed upgrades Popular microblogging service Twitter has announced in a recent blog post that it has released an updated version of its Android app, bringing on noteworthy improvements like photo-editing and feed upgrades.

The updated Twitter for Android app enhances the users' experience of sharing photos through 'tweets.' As a result of the improvements introduced by Twitter in the updated Android app, users now have the added option of cropping photos, as well as giving a Square or wide aspect to each photo they post.

The updated app not only allows the users to crop photos, it also gives them the ability to rotate the photo. Furthermore, users can also ensure that the photo being posted by them fits the tweet in accordance with their specifications.

According to the information shared by Twitter in the blog post pertaining to the update, the new Twitter for Android app also comes with 'time-killing suggestions' when users do not have new tweets to read. The standard 'pull to refresh' option by the users now unfolds recommended tweets, trending topics, and follow suggests when their tweet feed comes up blank. In addition, for the US users, TV, sports, and news updates will also show up.

However, as of now, the new features will be available only for the users of the Twitter for Android app. As such, the Twitter for iOS users will apparently have to wait for some time before they get similar photo-editing and feed upgrades.