Twitter’s Vine short-video service celebrates its one-year anniversary

Twitter’s Vine short-video service celebrates its one-year anniversaryPopular microblogging service Twitter's iconic six-second mobile video sharing service, Vine, recently celebrated its first birthday. In its one year of existence, Vine - which was launched in January 2013 - has surpassed its competitors in terms of popularity.

Vine was acquired by Twitter in 2012, and launched in January last year. The service first arrived on the iOS platform, and - within a few months of its launch - became the most popular video-sharing app on the market. It hit the Android devices in June; and the Windows Phone devices a couple of months back.

In August, Vine had announced that it had crossed the `40 million registered users' mark; with the reported user base of Vine being four-fold more than that of its 2009-launched most comparable current rival, Instagram.

Over the last one year of its existence, Vine has not only managed to roll out a Web presence, but has also attracted a notable number of celebrities to the service. In fact, ever since the Vine service was launched, a lot of people - and even brands - have been using the popular short-video platform to share some amazingly beautiful and creative videos.

On Vine's special one-year anniversary page, the team behind the service said: "Through your creativity, humor and the momentous events you capture and share on Vine, we've come together in ways we never expected."