Sydney People Protest Against GP Fee

Sydney People Protest Against GP FeeAccording to a latest report, a Sydney protest meeting has heard that Australia's most vulnerable people would be hurt due to the new co-payment scheme for GP visits.

It has been revealed by the sources that over 100 people assembled in the Town Hall in Sydney in order to protest against the proposal of paying visiting fee to GPs.

This gathering took place on Saturday and included people who were wielding signs, political flags and strong opinions, according to sources.

This uproar as well as outcry has immerged after a co-payment proposal that has been received by the National Commission of Audit in the month of December.

It has been recently revealed by the sources that doctors groups as well as political parties are of the view that such a move would destroy the whole system of Medicare.

Acting Greens leader Richard Di Natale said in front of the press at the rally that to put a barrier in front of people is like trying to make the books steady on some of the poorest as well as most vulnerable people in the nation.

Acting General Secretary of the NSW Nurses' and Midwives' Association (NSWNMA), Judith Kiejda, said, “Wage and salary earners pay the Medicare levy to make that possible - so anyone can get treatment whether they are rich or poor”.