Nokia wins injunction against all HTC Android handsets in Germany

Nokia wins injunction against all HTC Android handsets in Germany According to a report from FOSS Patents, a German judge - the Munich I Regional Court's Judge Dr. Matthias Zigann - has said in a recent ruling that Finnish handset maker Nokia should be granted an injunction against all HTC smartphones which run Google's Android operating system.

Judge Zigann said in his verdict that Android-based HTC handsets have been found to be in violation of a broad patent - Nokia patent EP1148681- which pertains to a mechanism that facilitates the transfer of resource information across Bluetooth or NFC.

Though the latest ruling underscores a Germany-wide injunction which will block the sale of HTC Android handsets that infringe on the in-question Nokia patent, the injunction has not been put in place as yet.

If Nokia wants HTC to face a sales ban in Germany, it will have to move ahead with the injunction. Towards that end, a _400 million (US$550 million) bond will have to be put up by Nokia. Since HTC can appeal Judge Zigann's verdict, the bond which Nokia puts up will be essentially be something of a safety net for HTC.

If HTC is successful with its appeal of the latest ruling by Judge Zigann, the bond money put up by Nokia will be available for use to HTC for recovering any lost sales which were caused by the injunction against its Android-based handsets.