Typhoon Haiyan After-Effects: Hundreds of Bodies Still Being Retrieved

Typhoon-HaiyanTyphoon Haiyan is considered to be the deadliest typhoon that has occurred in Philippines. It is said that at least 5,235 people have died due to the typhoon in the country alone.

It's been quite a few days now that the typhoon has shown its rough side to Philippines. But then also hundreds of bodies are being recovered every day. Many volunteers have been coming from distant areas in order to help in the task.

Don Erickson Orge has travelled from Mania so that he can help in recovering bodies. He was of the view that it is a very grim task as there is a lot of debris, which makes it very difficult to retrieve the bodies.

It is quite a sad experience to pick up the bodies, but they have to do it as a part of their job, said Orge. He is not alone, as his team is also working to retrieve the corpses. Orge was of the view that they keep on counseling their team members, so that they can continue to do the job and do not take such a thing on their hearts.

"The challenge is when the bodies are already submerged in the water because it's already decomposed, and the smell is not good so that is a hard thing", said Orge, while revealing one of the difficulties in retrieving bodies.