Japanese Spaceman to Aboard ISS

Japanese Spaceman to Aboard ISSAccording to a new report, the world's first robot astronaut has been long waiting for a conversation partner aboard the International Space Station (ISS). It further means that the robot is waiting for Koichi Wakata, a Japanese spaceman.

The robot had sent a message, which was received by project team in Japan. The message was for Mr. Wakata, who has been really missed by the robot. Scientists call this robot as `Kirobo', which is similar to the size of Chihuahua. This robot had left the earth on a cargo carrying rocket and had reached the space station on 10 August.

"Good morning to every one of you people on Earth. I am robot astronaut Kirobo. I am the world's first talking robot astronaut. Nice to meet you", said Robot.

In response to the message received from the robot, Mr. Wakata decided to go to the ISS. Mr. Wakata along with Mikhail Tyurin, Russia and Rick Mastracchio, NASA astronaut, decided to aboard the Soyuz-FG rocket. Their rocket will set off from Kazakhstan at 0414 GMT and will have a six hour journey to the ISS.

The Kirobo has been programmed in a way so that it can easily communicate with Mr. Wakata in Japanese language. Kirobo is also called as the first Japanese astronaut to command the ISS.