Leading telco analyst Paul Budde warns of delay in changes to NBN Co’s rollout plan

Leading telco analyst Paul Budde warns of delay in changes to NBN Co’s rollout planWith the NBN Co having recently updated its rollout maps, leading telecommunications analyst Paul Budde has warned that there apparently will be delays in changes to the rollout plan. Budde said that a clear picture, of which areas will get fibre under the National Broadband Network and which will not, will emerge only after some time.

The admonition by Budde - from telecommunications research site BuddeComm - comes against the backdrop of the fact that though the Government had promised to deliver on current NBN contracts, the rollout maps have been updated by the NBN Co.

The update reportedly eliminates hundreds of thousands of premises which were earlier scheduled to be connected to fibre optic cable.

In connection with NBN Co's updating of the rollout maps, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that the old maps were misleading because areas had been listed as being "under construction" although they actually were only at the planning stage.

According to Budde, the move to redefine NBN contracts was evidently a political decision made by the Government.

With the Government also having said that it will be only after the NBN Co's completion of the 60-day network review - due in December - that a clear picture emerges about which areas will get fibre-to-the-home and which will get the NBN through other kinds of technology, Budde said: "I think it will take much longer before you get a true clear picture of what the future is."