Almost 40% of Women Admit of being Virgin in Japan

Almost 40% of Women Admit of being Virgin in JapanA survey was done by the Japan Association for Sex Education. The sexual habits and dating practises of female college students were questioned in the survey. It was found about 40% of women admitted they were virgins.

The 2011 data confirmed that the increase in number of virgins had jumped to 53.2% since five years back. However, the number of single people hits a new number.

About 61% of bachelor men and about half (49 per cent) of women of 18-34 years of age were not in any kind of relationship. This increase is highest i. e. by 10% as compared to previous five years.

A different study done by Japan Crush found 30% of unmarried men have never dated a woman. The media of the country have regarded this as sekkusu shinai shokogun or celibacy syndrome. The observations made have set a concern regarding the issue in country. The country has already low population rate.

The number of births decreased to a new low number of 1,037,101 in the year 2012. The figure recorded is less in last 16 years.

Less job security, financial uncertainty and traditional views of women in the home and workplace are partially responsible for the decline in singles looking for love, said experts.