Marine Park to Open in Dolphin Hunt Town

Marine Park to Open in Dolphin Hunt TownAccording to a new report, a Japanese town will open a marine mammal park where visitors can swim with dolphins.

The officials of the town said while the opening of the park, but they will not stop the killing of these dolphins.

The Masaki Wada said the town of Taiji had already started making a plan to take a small part of the cove and turn it into a park, where the people can swim and kayak alongside small whales and dolphins.

Wada says that the aim of this project to have a control of the hunting of the dolphins. He said the project is organized in order to help sustain an annual hunt that turns waters red with blood and angers conservationists.

He said the dolphins are used as a source of tourism in the cove, where the people used to hunt these dolphins.

Wada said the people love to have swimming with theses mammals during summers, but it is restricted only to specific portion of the cove.

He said they are planning to do it on a large scale by making the whole town a park. People can also enjoy watching marine mammals while tasting various marine products like the meat of the whales and the dolphins.