Nearly 34,000 People without Homes in New Zealand

Nearly 34,000 People without Homes in New ZealandIt has been revealed by a new government-funded study on Monday that an estimated 34,000 in New Zealand had no access to the housing in 2006. This has showed that New Zealand's house price bubble and rising accommodation costs were worse than what was previously thought.

The Otago University study was based on the most recent census and emergency housing data. The country's first-ever statistics were provided on extremely disadvantaged group of people, said Otago University researcher Dr. Kate Amore.

Amore said in a statement, "These 34,000 people were crowding in with family or friends, staying in boarding houses, camping grounds, emergency accommodation, in cars, or on the street. They all had low incomes".

She said that many of these people are not included in poverty and unemployment statistics. They are said to be not on social housing waiting lists either.

It was found that 25% of "severely housing deprived people" were children in the age group below 15 years.

She added that housing shortages, poverty and crowding has become a very serious problem in New Zealand and that is why there is nothing to be surprised from the findings.

She called for the need of government to know about all these people, and not only those people living on the streets.