Amount of Sleep Influences Teenager Boys’ Body Fat: Study

 Studymount of sleep influences the body fat of teenage boys, but not of teenage girls, finds an Otago University study.

Lead researcher Paula Skidmore from the department of human nutrition, Otago University, has assessed a number of factors like sleeping patterns, height, weight and fat ratios in 386 boys and 299 girls.

Study participants were in the age group between 15 and 18 years old and they were from 11 different secondary schools around Otago. Boys who slept eight hours were found to be having 1.6kg more body fat and a larger waist by 1.8 cm in contrast to the boys who had 10 hour sleep.

On the contrary, girls were not found to be in the fuss. There was no change in their body-fat composition as well as in their waist size whether they had eight hour sleep or 10 hours a day.

The study published in the Nutrition Journal has led study researchers affirming, "It was unexpected that we did not find the same result in girls, who may actually be more aware of their diet and more in tune with a healthier lifestyle". The researchers hope the findings will encourage teenage boys to have proper sleep.