Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG production will reportedly come to an end in Jan 2014

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG production will reportedly come to an end in Jan 2014According to some recent reports in the German press, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG has seemingly come to the end of the line. The production of the big super-coupe and convertible - which was unveiled in 2009, and launched in the markets in 2010 - will reportedly end in January 2014.

However, buyers looking for a brand-new SLS after the end of the vehicle's production in January will still be able to go in for the top Black Series model, which will probably continue to stay in production till June.

Despite the fact that the media reports about the impending discontinuation of the SLS have, thus far, not been confirmed Mercedes AMG, it is widely speculated that the automaker is seemingly preparing to commence the production of its next hero car --- likely to be dubbed SLC.

The new SLC model - which is internally known at Mercedes AMG as the C190 - will probably be a smaller and lighter vehicle than the SLS. The reason behind the move is the fact that Mercedes AMG is possibly looking to offer a more nimble model which can challenge the Porsche 911.

Other than being smaller and lighter as compared to the SLS, the new SLC model will also reportedly be offered with notably different powertrain options; so that a more affordable base model of the car can be provided to the customers.