Ms. Gillard Loses Power; Expresses Grief

Julia-GillardAsked for her comment on losing the top job three months ago, former Prime Minister Julia Gillard affirmed that losing the power was like being hit with a fist.

Not only the loss is felt emotionally and physically, but in all moments of acute distress and in your nerve endings also.

She wrote in an article that some of her colleagues were also going through the same phase. Since, they also lost the re-election the previous week.

While it is not difficult to bear the feeling, the same distressing feeling again hits when someone comes up with comforting words. It could be possible, according to her, that you are packing up and suddenly, find a souvenir at the cupboard's back.

While defending the purpose of political parties, the former PM said her forcing out had sent a very shallow message to Australia regarding the sense of purpose of the ALP.

The report said the Labour group's decision to change leaders this year in June was not based on accepting a new agenda. Also, the same was not taken for the current belief that Kevin Rudd had more talent for governing.

"Labor unambiguously sent a very clear message that it cared about nothing other than the prospects of survival of its members of parliament at the polls", said Ms. Gillard.