High Winds Caused Toppling of 3 Vehicles

High Winds Caused Toppling of 3 VehiclesHigh winds have been causing huge losses. Recently, three more vehicles have toppled due to the high winds. Among the three, a campervan and two truck and trailer were included.

Police said the incident took place at the intersection of Akura and Kibblewhite Roads. The road was blocked and henceforth, was empty.

The second truck and trailer was knocked down of the Chester Road intersection in Carterton District. The incident led to the blockage of the highway, informed the police.

Police has informed that none of the drivers have got hurt in the incident. After the incident, drivers have been asked to ensure the routes they take.

It is not the only loss that strong blowing winds have caused. Due to fast blowing winds, a number of trees have fallen that has not only blocked roads, but has led to power cut.

Repair crews have been working tirelessly to restore power in the Canterbury region. Power Company Orion has affirmed that there are 17,000 customers who are going to remain without power that day.

"Until we are able to bring the substations back on line, it is difficult to determine the extent of the damage throughout the rest of our rural network", said Orion Chief Executive Rob Jamieson about the loss.