Plane Loses Pressure, Alarms Passengers

Plane Loses Pressure, Alarms PassengersWhile Air NZ flight 414 was descending over Raglan, the same struck a problem. It has been found newly that the jet that tended to lose cabin pressure has been quarantined by the government inspectors.

The plane had frightened passengers and even forced emergency drop.

The New Zealand plane is now being assessed by accident investigators. The plane was on a flight to Auckland yesterday morning from Wellington. A total of 76 passengers were there, all of whom were warned to put on their oxygen masks.

However, the pilot has been lauded, since he took a quick action in such a panicky situation. The report uncovered that he brought the Boeing 737-300 down to some from previous 33,000 feet.

Passengers at this height were told by cabin crew to remove their masks.

Wellington was left by the plane at 7.30am and the same landed with no further incident at Auckland. Emergency rescue vehicles met the plane later.

The cause of the crash is still being looked for.

"We need to find out what happened, before looking at why. The answer might be simple, or it might take a while to reach, we really can't say at this stage", said Captain Tim Burfoot, the chief investigator of accidents.