Robotic Plant on Its Go at Italian Institute

Robotic Plant on Its Go at Italian InstituteA group of researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa has claimed lately that it is near to the development of a completely new system. The same could imitate the behaviour of the roots of plants.

The project has been dubbed Plantoid. It is being said that the robot would be a counterpart to plants. It would be growing roots in the same manner as a plant does.

Barbara Mazzolai and colleagues have been planning to make use of tailored soft sensors for tips, which develop by unwinding material and for underground exploration. Also, the same is being planned for a mechanism that reduces friction during soil penetration.

To model a growing root is a tough task, said the researchers. Since, while extending the length, the root bent and added cells on the reverse side from the course it was heading in. Many physical and chemical stimuli are perceived by a root at once. These are later prioritized.

It has been told that the new artificial plant system is being fitted with a technology to detect water, temperature, gravity and nitrate as well as pH and phosphate.

"The mock-ups and prototypes we've developed aim to validate some of the functions and features of plant roots", Mazzolai was quoted as saying.