An International Physicist Group Plans to Build a Super-Collider

An International Physicist Group Plans to Build a Super-ColliderAn international physicist group is planning to build particle accelerator with Japan as a leading candidate to house planned super-collider. The particle accelerator will cost $8.75 billion and its technical design was released by the Linear Collider Collaboration project team on 12 June.

The Linear Collider Collaboration project team believes that the International Linear Collider project will enable them to unveil mysteries of the universe with the help of huge particle accelerator.

According to its reports, the planned collider will be 31 kilometers long, which means it will be the longest in the world.

Japan, the United States and nations in Europe and elsewhere will discuss the feasibility of the collider construction based on the report.

Researchers will be able to accelerate electrons and positrons to more than 99% the speed of light with the help of the planned collider. Moreover, they could turn them into a beam. Higgs boson is being referred as the God's particle. The researchers will cause a head-on collision of the two beams. This will enable them to catch Higgs boson and other particles to study their characteristics.

The International Committee for Future Accelerators has received the report for the approval of International Linear Collider. "We thank the ILC team for this report and look forward to witnessing the next step of the project", said ICFA Chair Pier Oddone.