Volkswagen to offer free car inspection in Australia

Volkswagen to offer free car inspection in AustraliaGerman automaker, Volkswagen has said that it will soon offer free car inspection to its car owners in Australia. The company has said that it is offering free inspection of its models in the country as a response to growing concerns in the country about potential gearbox problems which have reportedly resulted in company recalls in Japan and China.
Australian Managing Director John White have said that company models have issues after customers said that their models are facing mission and engine failures causing loss of power but it did not order a general recall of vehicles in the country.
He wrote an open letter to the customers saying that the company is offering free inspections to stand by the quality of our cars and the integrity of its engineering excellence. The company is also setting up a hotline service for the car owners in the country. The German company had recalled 91,000 cars in Japan, citing potential gearbox in the previous year.The company has said that the problem was due to hot and wet climate and office as well as pollution typical of some Asian cities.