Yellowknife Catholic School Board Approves HPV Vaccine

Yellowknife Catholic School Board Approves HPV VaccineA presentation was given by three members of HPV Canada. After listening to the entire presentation, the Yellowknife Catholic School Board has voted in the favor of allowing girls to receive HPV vaccine.

YCS Chair Simon Taylor was of the view that the voting decision has been unanimous, which means that implementation procedure will get a lot easier.

Taylor said that one of the women, Audrey Farrier, shared her story that how HPV condition has taken toll not only on her life, but as well as on children. Farrier got diagnosed with HPV when she was a kid and had undergone surgery to treat the same.

Resultant of the same, her first child was born with all sorts of complications. "Public Health has a program. They currently administer a full range of vaccines in the schools already. All they will be doing is bringing this one in as well", said Taylor.

It has been found that the vaccines will be provided in September for girls studying from fifth to ninth standard. As per experts, HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, which is associated with cervical cancer.

The same school had voted against the vaccination provision in 2009, by citing the reason of lack of medical information.