Physically Active Seniors Beat Alzheimer’s at Higher Rate

Physically Active Seniors Beat Alzheimer’s at Higher RateResearchers at the Ontario Brain Institute suggested that elderly people who tend to exercise just half an hour a day have 40% lesser risk of developing Alzheimer's than those who don't exercise even once.

The benefits of exercising can also be enjoyed by the seniors if they break up their routine of exercising for 30 minutes into smaller fragments of 10 minutes on daily basis.

The research was a result of the examination of 850 studies on the concerning matter. The study suggested that more than one in seven total cases of the disease can be prevented if all the Canadian elderly people start following a regular exercise routine.

The study also disclosed the fact that regular exercise can also be beneficial for the seniors who are currently suffering from Alzheimer's or other dementia for a better management of their disease.

Dr. Donald Stuss, president and scientific director of the Ontario Brain Institute stated the CTV's Canada AM Friday that it was an exciting experience considering the increasing number of Alzheimer's cases. He added that there are heaps of benefits that can be attained by just being active.

The results of the examination of the data showed that seniors who were active throughout the year were under a lower risk of the disease up to 38%.