Myleene Bursts into Tears on Hearing Mother’s Dismay

Myleene Bursts into Tears on Hearing Mother’s DismayThe slums of Manila, Philippines, were recently visited by Myleene Klass, English singer and pianist. The report has found that she could not stop herself from weeping when a woman informed her how she lost her seven-month-old baby, who was bottle-fed.

The star's aim was to meet young mothers, who were struggling to bring up their children in abysmal conditions. She got to know that Vilma, 20, could not access the basic information, in which case she could have saved her seven-month-old son.

She was not aware that she could breastfeed her child, which made her go hungry so that she could buy expensive milk formula for him.

Myleene as well as Isla Fisher and Victoria Beckham have been backing a campaign that is aimed at encouraging women to breast feed their babies. The campaign dubbed `Save the Children' says that almost 830,000 babies each year can be easily saved of mothers around the world breastfed them within an hour of their birth.

Breast milk allows a newborn to get vital antibodies that give them strength and help them fight risks of fatal diseases.

"The information is out there but it doesn't seem to be hitting this part of the world. It's very frustrating and very sad that another mum has gone through this", affirmed Myleene.