Women Now Aim to Cut Greenhouse Gas Pollution

Women Now Aim to Cut Greenhouse Gas PollutionWomen nowadays are seen ahead of all in any good deeds even while making any big or small effort. In terms of cutting greenhouse gas pollution also, women have joined together and are aimed at individually making big contributions to the same.

Though, almost every woman would like to receive gifts at her marriage, the day which comes once in one’s life. It has been found that Caroline Pidcock, to marry on Saturday with former City of Sydney councillor John McInerney, is thinking and doing something else, far away from expecting presents.

She has been urging all her guests to come to the auspicious occasion with good ideas over making the world a better place. She has been asking that the invitations would also be through website and not paper, since she is aimed at cutting waste and pollution.

The woman, as per the findings, is the brand ambassador for a million women, who are a part of an Australian non-political women's organization. Not only she, but all the women have vowed to cut a tonne of greenhouse gas pollution within a year, together cutting one million tones.

Recipe for Change is also being held from November 16 to 18, which would aim to have discussions over saving energy and making life sustainable, the report reveals.