Debate over MS Trial Testing Vitamin D Supplements

Debate over MS Trial Testing Vitamin D SupplementsA debate is since long being held over restrictions on sun exposure and an announcement made yesterday by professor of neurological research Bruce Taylor has given air to this fume of debate. A national debate would probably now be held to discuss the same.

The Hobart-based Menzies Research Institute researchers have told that Multiple Sclerosis Prevention Trial (PrevANZ) is being planned to test if vitamin D can be a preventive measure for multiple sclerosis. It would the first of its kind in the world, which is being funded by MS Research Australia.

Australian people who have suffered a first attack of symptoms of MS would be enrolled, some 240 in number. All of them would then either be given a placebo or vitamin D supplements. While some would receive a dose of 1000 units, the others 5000 and the remaining would receive 10,000 units.

The aim is to find if sun exposure, source of vitamin D, can help, since MS is an inflammatory condition, which not only affects one's brain, but spinal cord as well. Though, a full cause is not known, lack of vitamin D is probably a major cause.

"We know that people with MS have lower levels of vitamin D but we lack convincing evidence that supplements will change the natural history of the disease", said Professor Taylor.