Relax Your Mind If You Want To Do Math

Relax Your Mind If You Want To Do MathStudying in the same class and getting different grades is something which has always troubled parents concerned about their children curriculum. Many parents might have wondered as to how some kids do extraordinary well in Math while some gets only passing grades.

Recently, a team of researchers has found that kids who do well in math classes actually turns off the past memory. The findings of the researchers have been published in the pages of journal National Academy of Sciences.

The findings can help many in solving the incapability of getting a grip in math classes. It is hoped that the parents will be able to encourage their kids in studying math with a clear mind. The research was conducted by the researchers of Stanford University.

The lead researcher, Professor Josef Parvizi was reported saying, "What we discovered was fascinating. The same groups of neurons that are very active during a rumination process - exactly the same neurons - have to be shut down in order to solve a math equation".

It is for the very first time when researchers have found that the area of brain controlling the calculation is different from the area of brain responsible for capturing the good and bad memories.