Chair-Quality Does not Guarantee Health Safety

chairThough, offices use ergonomic chairs so that health risks could be reduced with a level of comfort to sit for a whole long day. It has been discovered by a team of analysts from the University of Sydney that the same is in fact linked to employees’ high risks of getting a heart disease or obesity.

Lead author Karin Griffiths says that certainly with the onset of workstation design trend, changes have been seen since the 1980s. But, it is equally evident that the same has not brought any change in the symptoms reported by workers in an IT-dominated office.

A survey of some 1000 workers from six different government departments was carried out, which showed that long working hours was causing almost 70% of all to suffer lower back pain. Also, 85% of workers spending more than
8 hours in front of a computer were complaining about neck pain.

It is being said that even if one sits in a good posture, he is unlikely to prevent the occurrence of wrist or shoulder or back pains further leading to high risks of obesity, diabetes and heart ailments. Griffiths added, “It doesn't matter how good the chair is, it is not going to address the health problem of what some researchers are calling 'chair disease'”.