King Cobra Kills a Snake Handler

King Cobra Kills a Snake HandlerSnake handlers have tough time with the snakes as the reptiles are poisonous and riskier to handle. Recently, a snake handler died after being bitten by a king cobra. The incidence took place at West Midlands Safari Park.

The snake handler, identified as Mark O'Shea hails from Telford, Shropshire. The king cobra was 14 years old. The snake handler gave it name Sleeping Beauty. Although the snake killed him, the man before dying said that he has forgiven the snake.

King Cobra's venom is believed to be poisonous. It can even lead to death of an elephant. After having bitten by the snake, the man was taken to the hospital where he succumbed to death. However, before dying he did share the incidence.

He said, "She rushed forward to take the rat. She missed it and started to basically try and find it with her mouth and I moved and she grabbed my shoe and she bit my shoe". He informed that the venom of the snake made it difficult for him to speak and stand after five minutes. He fell down unconscious and was brought to the hospital.