Heavy Cuts Can Lower the Quality of Care

Heavy Cuts Can Lower the Quality of CareIt has been reported that protestors gathered at Wellington Hospital while asking the authorities not to go ahead with low cost services. About $20 million cuts in the funding of the services of primary health care services has been proposed.

The protestors have blamed that the authorities are blindly going for saving while ignoring the quality of care being provided to the patients. The cuts in the funding will be discussed by the Capital and Coast District Health Board in a meeting.

It has been reported that this year, a cut of 8% was levied over the funding of the care services. It is expected that in the coming years, heavy cuts would be applied. The coordinator of UCAN, Debbie Leyland, said, "It has been indicated that the health board needs to save an additional $20 million over the next two years which will have a serious impact on primary health care".

Debbie Leyland said that if the cuts are imposed then the accident and emergency department of Wellington Hospital would have to face tough time in providing care services to the patients. Efforts should be made to improve the quality of care rather than imposing cuts.