Flu Takes life of Woman in Wellington

Flu Takes life of Woman in Wellington

A widower from Wellington has urged people to take flu vaccination, as his wife, who was unvaccinated passed away due to the same reason. Mark McIlroy said that his wife Catherine died after five days of contracting the flu.

Though Catherine died as she was not vaccinated, Wellington officials were of the view that people should not panic. Tim Blackmore, who is an infection expert at Capital and Coast DHB, was of the view that it is quite rare that people have lost their lives due to the infection.

"Influenza can affect people very badly with underlying conditions but this is very rare for a completely healthy person to be affected so badly”, he further affirmed.

One thing that should be kept in mind is loss from flu can be prevented, if people take all the possible precautions and take vaccine as well. Even Catherine would have been alive, but the underlined condition is if she would have taken the medicine.

Tim said that not only her husband, but they are equally surprised to know that such a healthy lady lost her life, as elderly are common prey of flu. Reason behind elderly falling is that their immune system is week.