Politicians Forced To Take Up Action to Provide Mental Health Services

Politicians Forced To Take Up Action to Provide Mental Health ServicesRecent reports have revealed that politicians are being forced to take up action to assist people across the country with inclusive community mental health services.

The Mental Health Reform has raised concerns over the delay in appointing extra staff for Community Mental Health Teams, despite HSE promising to hire the staff. The reform subjected that it was promised that an extra staff of 414 specialists will be hired for the health teams, but none have been hired.

However, government has assured that by September 414 doctors, psychologists and social workers will be working with Mental Health Reform to endorse better mental health facilities.

Mental Health Reform expressed concern and said, “The HSE overspend might prevent the appointments from taking place. It’s issued an end of term postcard to TDs – reminding them of the Government’s own Vision for Change mental health policy”.

Further, it has been stated by the Mental Health Reform that the TDs should confirm that the new health staff that is to be hired is provided under €35 million, which has been granted to the mental health service for growth.

Yet, Director of Mental Health Reform Orla Barry asserted that the budget swarming with the HSE has majorly raised the worries.