Obesity, not Obese People, Should be treated as the Problem

Obesity, not Obese People, Should be treated as the ProblemIt is not that obesity has got limelight just recently; it is one such topic which has been discussed for centuries. However, a new addition to this topic is that it is now being considered as a disease.

Obesity as a topic was being discussed in a topic for two days at Wellington campus in Massey University. Jackie Wykes, who is a researcher at Melbourne University, was of the view that a lot of changes have been witnessed in the ideology of people.

People no more talks about obesity, but they talk about obese. Jackie said that people look obese as if they are enemies of the state. "From government policy to media reports, fat is everywhere figured as a threat to individual, national, global health in physical, moral and economic terms”, he further affirmed.

Jackie is sure that transition from talking about obesity to obese would not have been noticed by people. Anti-obesity campaigns target the poorest of the society and label them as bad citizens, as they are not able to maintain their body sizes.

Obesity is a problem, not the obese people. There is a need to change the thinking of people, so that obesity can be waded off.