Researchers Suggest Smoking Ban in Public Areas

Smoking-BanA group of analysts from the Otago University in Wellington has revealed after a latest study that smoking results in excessive air pollution, thereby causing serious health hazards.

The study that was conducted with an enrolment of 284 smokers has unfolded that the habit of smoking anywhere and anytime leads to an increased rate of dangerous particulates in the air.

The team had tested the quality of the air around all participants as part of the study. The tests were taken from a distance of 2.6 metres from the Lower Hutt shopping centre. It was then discovered that presence of smokers at the venue resulted in an increase nearly by 70%.

It has been told that these particulates are those that often highly augment a person’s risk of getting a heart disease or suffering from lung cancer or an altered lung function.

Other findings that raised the concerns even more were that the levels of particulates were almost 26 times higher at a bus stop with smokers. Thus, the bans planned on public places are being promoted by Associate Professor Nick Wilson and colleagues.

“People are being exposed to this all the time, as well as industry pollution and home fires. If we had smokefree streets that would be reducing this hazard”, says Mr. Nick.