Winter Flu Outbreak in Wellington

Winter Flu Outbreak in WellingtonWellington has at present been experiencing an outbreak of winter flu with an increase in the number of affected persons as compared to that noted last year, says a recent report.

However, there is not any major difference between the figures noted in these two years, but the rising number of cases is a thing of huge concern.

The community has found a total of ten people affected with the virus last month at a hospital. As per a team of researchers from the Environmental Science and Research (ESR), a majority of the cases are either of influenza A or H3N2.

The team responsible for collecting records from GPs all over the nation has found that of a total of 94 influenza viruses, 48 were those of Influenza A. And the condition was almost same in every region except for Hutt DHB, where the rates were comparatively low.

Concerning the rising rates in Wellington, experts from the National Influenza Specialist Group have now been recommending all people over 65 years of age to get a free vaccine. Particularly diseased people such as those with strokes or kidney disease are being asked to get the same before July 31, which include Influenza B and H3N2 vaccines.