Mercedes A45 AMG : Your new city car

 Your new city carWho doesn’t dream of a posh lifestyle? But with the soaring prices of commodities and ever so fluctuating economy, maintaining a lifestyle, which spells exuberance, is a little tough.

But surely, the upcoming A45 AMG by Mercedes will ‘cure’ the itch of having an affordable lifestyle. Mercedes is going to make the A45 AMG on the principles embodying- hatchback body, luxury fittings, powerful turbo engine and AWD.

With it’s powerful yet small engine and compact size, it’ll make your perfect city car. This German luxury car company, which is known for its absolutely stunning cars and the prestige that goes with having one in your driveway is something everyone dreams of.

The A45 AMG will be combination of raw performance, advance technology and premium leather, and would be marketed as the cheapest AMG you could get your hands on. It’ll not only be spacious but also comfortable. It would be priced at ?40,000 - ?45,000.

Having an average of 193,000 millionaires in India, the luxury market is still in its infancy. With this new model, Mercedes is planning to top their sales in the future in India retaining their No 1 position. The luxury auto market has been growing in the country and Mercedes Benz has also seen a growth of 30% in the past few years, selling 7500 units in 2011.