Post-term Babies Twice at the Risk of Developing ADHD in Early Childhood

ADHDTimely delivery is very important for every baby, the findings of a researcher’s new study are claiming. Medical industry has always claimed certain health problems or emotional problems risks that they have found accompanying a premature delivery. Some similar risks to health of a baby have now been found in overdue babies as well, claim researchers.

The above statements are coming from the researchers from the Netherlands, who have recently said in their statements that babies, who are overdue or who spend longer time in their mother’s womb are at double risks of suffering behavioral problems in their early childhood.

The researchers have especially focused upon the health of babies, who are born after a pregnancy of 42 weeks in this unusual study. They claim that babies, whose birth is overdue than 42 weeks are twice as likely to suffer from a long-term problem as compared to then ones, who are born after about 40 weeks, which is considered as the normal length of a pregnancy.

Experts add that the effects could be because of the placenta’s failure to nurture the baby in the womb with sufficient nutrients and oxygen levels after normal 40 weeks of pregnancy. Following their findings, researchers are recommending pregnant women to opt for induction methods or a caesarean in case they have already crossed the normal 40 weeks pregnancy limit.

Above findings are based upon a thorough study of three year over the progress of 5,145 babies in Rotterdam. Focus of the group of experts was to investigate if any relation exists between the length of time spent in the womb and long-term behavioral and emotional problems.

Questionnaires filled by parents of both post-term delivered kids and pre-term delivered ones showed that both post-term and pre-term babies are at risks of suffering behavioral and emotional problems at these stages but post-term children were at higher riskier stage.